March 5, 2011

Give Away Owl Necklace

This Necklace is made with glass, crystals, and metal.
Length is 29".
First person that guesses the write answer to my question and includes their email address will win. (winner will be announced at the end of the week)...

Which character is my favorite from the T.V. show LOST? (can only be one character)


  1. I am guessing your favorite character is Locke. Got to love him.
    my email address is:

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  3. It has to be Jack Shepard...I was around for the Party of Five days!!!Michelle Emke-Miller

  4. I'd say Ben.
    Would really think Freckles was more your favorite, but I'm gonna put it out there and go with BEN!!!

  5. Hey Guys,
    So this week I am sorry to say there is no lucky winner :( My favorite character from the hit T.V. show LOST is Sawyer. Although Locke and Desmond come pretty close. Anyways thanks for trying and try again for this weeks new giveaway which I will post later. All the best!