Boys and Girls Accessories!!

Each Bow Tie is handcrafted using the finest fabrics with adjustable velcro attachment. These bow ties can be worn to fit most six month old babies to 12 year old boys. Price for bow ties are $12.00. If you are interested please email me at and I will send you an invoice through paypal.

The girls hair barretes are made with the finest fabrics including silk, satin, and many other fine prints. They are each reinforced with a sewn stitch in the back and are set on a brass hair barrette. The best part is the center of these pinwheel hair accessories, each has a vintage or beautiful unique button that adds so much flare. The price for a hair barrete is $6.00. Email me if you are interested in placing an order. Thanks in advance!!

 Silk bow Headband- $ 15.00

 Chiffon Headband-$15.00
 Top Heaband- Vintage Lace on stretch Nylon- $20.00
Bottom Headband- Leather and Brass on stretch Nylon- $20.00

 Vintage pom pom headband- made with vintage hand knitted trim. Price- $18.00

Beaded Sunglass headband- made with nylon stretch and hand beaded using the finest glass beads. Price- $20.00

Beaded bird on a metal Barrette- all hand beaded with glass seed beads on denim fabric. Price- $12.00

 Unisex Infant Childrens Hat- Handmade using 100% Knit Cotton.
Size- 12- 24 months depending on size of Baby.
Price- $15.00

Childrens Hat- Handmade with Cotton, and Wool mix.
Sizes Available- 2T-3T,  and 3T-5T
Price- $14.00

Youth Hat- Handmade using Cotton, Rayon, and Fleece.
Size- Fits Girls Sizes 10-16  and can fit Women too.
Price- $20.00

Childrens Hat- Handmade using Cotton and Rayon.
Size- 2T-3T
Price- $20.00

Childrens Hat- Handmade using Cotton, and Rayon.
                        Size- 0- 6 months.  Price- $15.00

Childrens Beanie Hat - Handmade using Cotton and Rayon.
Size 6-12 months
Price- $15.00