March 5, 2011

Bob Marley Shirt

100% cotton American Apparel shirt with hand painted Bob Marley picture.
Color- light pink and brighter than shown in photo.
Size-6-12 months.
Price- $20.00


  1. I really love the childrens' shirts and would love to see more!!!

  2. make a boys one???

  3. I will be posting a boys one in light blue... is there a specific size you are interested in?

  4. I agree! more kids shirts and sizes! I would love to order for naomi...actually tani and ari are standing over my shoulder and saying they want one too!

  5. Hi there! People have asked me if I carry bigger kids sizes in my shirts and the answer is "yes". These shirts that are posted is what I have left from this season and will not be making more long sleeve ones till the fall. Whatever size posted is what I have left. I will be getting a new stock of shirts for the summer season and the sizes will be from 3-6 months baby up to kids size 7. Also the summer shirts will be tank tops and short sleeves. If you have a specific design or color you would like please let me know because I would love to accomodate you.
    Thanks again!